Zaneta I. Adams


Zaneta Adams served 8 years in the US Army and graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Psychology.  She was injured when she fell 11 feet from a deuce and 12 with the rails up, while serving in operation Iraqi Freedom. She then began her journey at Western Michigan Cooley Law School to serve the military veteran population.  While attending law school, Zaneta was instrumental in forming the Veterans Legal Assistance Project and a big proponent for the offering of veterans’ law courses.

Zaneta graduated from Western Michigan Cooley Law School in May 2014 as a Distinguished law student for her class. She also received the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Award for 2014 and graduated with a concentration in General Litigation. She passed the Bar in February 2015 and currently assists veterans with their compensation and pension appeals.

She also serves as a Consumer Reviewer for the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research program and reviews scientific proposals for the orthopedic research of severely wounded service members. With her help and input, decisions regarding funding are made.  Zaneta is also President and Founder of WINC: For All Women Veterans (Women Injured iN Combat). She is also currently the Director of Community Affairs for Challenge America, a National veteran resource non-profit organization whose co-founders are Amy Grant and Vince Gill; she is a singer and a songwriter; and she is an advocate for all who know her.

Zaneta is married to Joseph Adams and together they have six children (2 sets of twins).  Zaneta hopes to continue her work with veterans and raise awareness of the over 2 million female veterans in America.